Aug. 22, 2022

The diving finals took place this summer at Cedar pool in Point Claire. After 5 dual meets against the other A division pools, Western had qualified a record of 19 divers to participate and the team was ready to show what they had learned all summer and over the years. Our divers were amazing and we won:

8 and under: boys: gold medal / girls silver medal and 11th place

9/10: boys: silver medal / girls 4th and 6th place

11/12: boys: 6th place / silver medal

13/14: boys gold medal / girls gold medal

15 + : boys: 4th/6th/10th place / girls: 6th/8th/11th place

The pool won the trophy for being the best pool in the A division, the best pool at finals, the summer divers meet trophy and Sam won the trophy for having the best executed dives of all the boys.

Thank you as well to our team of coaches : Hannah, Zoe, Ayda and Eloise!